Tomorrow's tourist vessels from Inari

On the shores of Lake Inari, Finland’s cleanest lake, operates Fantan Catamaran Oy, a company that designs and manufactures environmental-friendly motor catamarans. In cooperation with Oulu-based Randax Oy and European Batteries Oy, the company has developed an efficient, fully electronic power pack concept. The first prototype has been installed in a 100-seat tourist vessel manufactured by Fantan Catamaran Oy. The vessel is 16 meters long and weighs 18,000 kg. Its fuel consumption at a normal cruising speed of six knots is 5 l/h. Operating on electricity only, Randax® - drives and EB batteries provide the vessel with an operation time of three hours at a six-knot cruising speed, which is sufficient for the needs of the company that has ordered the vessel, Lake & Snow Inari Oy, and their most popular cruise product, a cruise to the ancient sacrificial site Ukonkivi.

Lake & Snow Inari, which offers various experience cruises, will begin using the vessel in June 2011. The vessel will serve demanding international customers who have come from as far away as Australia and New Zealand to find peace amid the purity of nature.

The vessel’s power supply line consists of a Randax® generator mounted on a 55 kW diesel engine, two Randax propulsion drives, EB lithium-ion batteries and the power electronics required. The electrical energy produced by the combustion engine and the generator is stored in EB lithium-ion cells. From these cells, the energy is directed, in accordance with needs, to two integrated Randax® propulsion drives by means of the electronics and frequency converters. The system’s maximum output is the power obtained from the combination of the continuous generator power and the power supplied by the batteries. This construction provides the market’s most efficient propulsion, and operation is both nearly silent and environmental-friendly.

Fantan Catamaran Oy is an Inari-based company that designs environmentally friendly motor catamarans in accordance with customer needs. The company’s philosophy involves being the pioneer and trendsetter in the development of ecological, low‑emission, silent, and safe motor vessels. The company’s customer base consists of environmentally conscious and demanding tourist boat companies, and professional as well as pleasure boaters. The products are energy-efficient, thanks to the innovative hydrodynamic solutions and electrical drivetrain system used in the vessels.

More information: Mauri Rautiainen, Fantan Catamaran Oy.

Randax Oy is an Oulu-based electrical engineering company that utilizes new technology in its products and production methods. The company’s main products include integrated combinations of electric machines with energy-saving drive solutions modified to suit the customer’s needs.

The Randax® electric machine is modular and can be used for easy creation of compact drive solutions for different industrial needs. The materials used in these machines can be selected in accordance with the operational environment. The frame can be either of formable steel, high-strength steel or stainless steel. These products are manufactured both by serial production and in customer-specific small series.

The electric machine solution developed by Randax Oy will provide significant benefits to end users. The most important of these include compact integration, reliability, energy savings and adjustability.

Because the solutions can be integrated, the device structure becomes simpler consequently the service and repair costs become lower. In addition, the product’s energy-efficiency creates lasting cost savings for the customer and added value, since emissions are reduced.

More information: Matti Rantapää, Randax Oy